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Глоссарий терминов Oracle

    measurement column (on a fact table)
    Перевод столбец показателей (в таблице фактов)
    Описание Fact tables include facts (also called measures) such as sales, units, and inventory. A simple measure is a numeric or character column of one table such as fact.sales. A computed measure is an expression involving measures of one table, for example, fact.revenues - fact.expenses. A multitable measure is a computed measure defined on multiple tables, for example, fact_a.revenues - fact_b.expenses. Fact tables also contain one or more foreign keys that organize the business transactions by the relevant business entities such as time, product, and market. In most cases, these foreign keys are non-null, form a unique compound key of the fact table, and each foreign key joins with exactly one row of a dimension table.