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Глоссарий терминов Oracle

    granule (1)
    Перевод гранула (единица распределения памяти)
    Описание With dynamic SGA, the unit of allocation is called a ~. Components, such as the buffer cache, the shared pool, the java pool, and the large pool, allocate and free SGA space in units of granules. Oracle tracks SGA memory use in integral numbers of granules, by SGA component. All information about a granule is stored in a corresponding granule entry. Oracle maintains the state of each granule in the granule entry and the granule type. Granule size is determined by total SGA size. On most platforms, the size of a ~ is 4 MB if the total SGA size is less than 128 MB, and it is 16 MB for larger SGAs. There may be some platform dependency. The same granule size is used for all dynamic components in the SGA.